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Insights from The Deep

Autumn Blessings Bring Inner Light

Blessing Insights Brighten Dark Nights

by Shara Gardner, November 6, 2018

Some water lovers disappear into their caves when cold weather comes; but we know that the darkness of fall and winter is exactly the best time to renew our love of water. Without the distraction of recreation and water activities, it is the time of year to create new blessings for the growth times ahead that will, indeed, follow the storms.
Water wisdom surrounds us. In the dark, we let our minds journey to new shores and better places. We gather ideas and honor deep insights. When the weather limits us, there is still growth happening inside, just slower and quieter. The dormancy of plants and trees reminds us we need rest, too. Some won't survive the season, but most will grow stronger and rise healthy and strong when the earth warms up again. This is the time to heal what is unbalanced in our physical bodies and spiritual awareness. Oh sacred darkness! Transformation's blessings glow like a candle in the dark.
Think carefully about your wishes for the future. Water is abundant and can be harsh in the winter as She presents Herself in many temperaments. She reveals Herself in the form of frost, rain, snow, sleet, fog, and hail. It becomes difficult to remember the brilliant sun, as we are cold and challenged to find ease and comfort. When hardship surrounds us this way, however, we are also living the Great Creator's plan. Rest and rejuvenate within as your evolving spirit illuminates the dark.
Did you know? Personal transformation only happens when we are uncomfortable. We only consider better options when we are confused, frustrated, or discouraged by life. Eventually we surrender into stillness and so we can seek answers within. We hear the unmistakable voice of our inner guidance speaking to us through hushed tones and gentle whispers. We listen.
We heal. We live.
Oh, blessed Water, holy Water, powerful and transformative Water. She is everywhere and reminds us that we are surrounded by infinite potential, ours for the taking. Finally we understand. The dark times of the fall and winter slow us down, and the long cold nights bring us closer to ourselves – the ultimate gift. We heal and grow from the inside out. With ease and grace, we make new choices, set new intentions, and then play it all out during our long winter dreams.
Each of our water blessing collections bring new possibilities. Set your intentions with a committed heart and soul. We are here to help you get through the dark cold months ahead with sparkles of bright blessings and lingering moments of divine illumination.

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