From the Garden of Evil and Fear to the Garden of Renewal and Magic

Back to Lemuria... Reclaiming our Birthright

Let's dive back into Lemuria and kickstart our magical revival! The best way to reconnect with your Lemurian glow? Start by exploring who you are today. Forget about your cosmic resume for a minute. Instead, let’s unpack the life you’ve been living—your motivations, your quirks, and even your questionable taste in people and lifestyles. There is darkness in all of us, but if we can reveal it, we can heal it. Later, you will read how.

For now, let's think about doing a spiritual assessment and decluttering. We're going through the attic of your soul, dusting off old beliefs and memories, and seeing what still fits. Maybe your spiritual roots feel a bit shallow? No worries—many of us are still trying to find that deep, grounding connection. And yes, there are hotspots around the globe like Mt. Shasta or Kauai, or India, or Australia where our starry cousins apparently throw epic reunions... and we could travel to those places hoping to be inducted into the other dimensions where Lemurians still thrive. That is a big dream..... but many make the journey because they are certain they will find their kin.

Here's the deal, it probably won't happen that way because, right now, in third-dimensional reality, our true power comes from embracing our basics: The natural world, especially water and light. And you can work with those elements right where you are.

We’re basically made up of 80% water! And what does water carry to all forms of life? Knowledge, wisdom, and nourishment. The plan? To illuminate our path and super-hydrate our essence, and move from shadows into light until we're all living our best, brightest lives—no middle arrangements needed. It’s all about glowing-up!

Now, about kickstarting this whole reclaiming process: Reflect on your current journey and it will remind you what you are able to reclaim. I’ve created some Water Blessing Labels for the occasion—think of them as little post-its for your soul. They're not mandatory, but they’re packed with vibes and intentions to help you reconnect.

Also there are some powerful abilities you can regenerate and use to improve your current life. These should spark some memories. If you do remember your Lemurian roots (try hard!!!) you'll have these magical abilities at your fingertips right now, if you want them:

  1. Telepathy: Easy and comprehensible communication through direct thought transmission, bypassing the need for verbal expression.
  2. Clairvoyance: The ability to hear, see, and feel spiritual beings and their energies, plus experience psychic phenomena directly without interpretation or explanation.
  3. Elemental Magic: The ability to influence all life forms in the natural world through your will power and mastery of communication in a way that can help shape natural events
  4. The Power of Manifestation: You have the ability to create whatever reality you desire through your thoughts and imagination using the power of pure intention.
  5. Identify your Lemurian Psychic Abilities: It's all there, stored safely from all the practice you got in numerous past lifetimes as a mystic in the Lemurian civilization. There was never any retribution for using magic in Lemuria and all acts were benevolent and beneficial.
  6. Spiritual Upgrades and Accelerations: Your body and soul are ready to upgrade your operating system. All your memories will become jump starters for greater empowerment. Since there are no actual records of Lemurian culture, it is through your memories (and others like you) and our light codes that we all learn of our greatest abilities. Knowing these things empowers the entire collective of Lemurians
  7. The ability to speak in light language: an ecstatic fusion of sound healing, sacred tones, tribal rhythms and ceremonial vocals with rich bass and lively dance.


As a Lemurian soul you are ready to re-awaken your magical abilities, remember your life purpose, heal wounds and illness from this lifetime and recent past lives, transform traumas, and boost skills and abilities that existed in past Lemurian lifetimes. That's how it is done now, as it was done eons ago when Lemuria was a continent and we lived in bliss.

Written by Shara Gardner

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