Lemuria is a living dream....

It is believed we all came from the stars directly or indirectly. As such, we evolved as a blend of human and starseed because Star Mothers, our mothers, arrived from other star systems to birth a love culture like no other.

Do you remember?

Join me in the journey back to Lemuria, where our cosmic roots run deep and our spirits soar high. Picture this: we are the descendants of star beings, heirs to the boundless secrets of the Universe, and wielders of the mighty power of manifestation. Our lineage traces back to the mystical lands of Lemuria, where life danced to the rhythm of infinity and love was our guiding light.

Lemuria, the lost continent of wonder and enchantment, once thrived in the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean. From the majestic shores of Hawaii to the lush landscapes of Australia, Lemurians basked in the splendor of a fifth-dimensional paradise. Imagine a realm untouched by disease or scarcity, where harmony reigned supreme and the sacred flames of creation flickered in reverence.

In those golden ages, we, as Lemurians, walked as radiant beings of light, effortlessly weaving our dreams into reality. Our mastery over the cosmic forces allowed us to dwell in perfect balance for hundreds of thousands of years, channeling the energies of both the mind and heart to manifest our desires with ease. It was a time of the original Christ Consciousness, where every moment unfolded in divine harmony.

But then, the tides of fate shifted, and cataclysmic events reshaped our world. The once-glorious Lemuria succumbed to the ravages of war and spiritual manipulation, leading to its eventual demise. Yet, amidst the ruins, fragments of our ancient legacy endure, encoded within the depths of our souls.

Do you remember?

Perhaps in the quiet whispers of your heart, echoes of our Lemurian past linger, urging you to reconnect with your cosmic lineage. For there are countless souls among us who carry the spark of Lemuria within, yearning to awaken to their true selves once more.

Today, remnants of Lemuria linger in the hidden corners of our world, waiting to be rediscovered by those who seek the truth. From the mystical depths of Mount Shasta to the tranquil shores of Hawaii, to the South Seas, India, Indonesia, North Atlantic, and more, strong and cohesive Lemurian enclaves beckon to those who dare to remember. And as we journey through these sacred sites, guided by the whispers of our soul, we inch closer to reclaiming our lost identity.

So, dear traveler, let us embark on this odyssey of remembrance, where the realms of spirit and flesh intertwine, and the mysteries of Lemuria await. With each step, may we unravel the threads of our cosmic heritage and reclaim the limitless power that resides within. For in the heart of every Lemurian beats the eternal flame of creation, waiting to be reignited once more.

If you're feeling a mysterious tug in your soul, a whisper of your cosmic roots, a strong and enduring connection to water, and joy in the lightness of being, you might just be a true Lemurian descendant, encoded with the secrets of a lost world where fear once turned us into cosmic prisoners, Let's face it, evolution was tough on everyone but we can be part of the resurrection of Lemuria as we heal the Earth and ourselves. It is time to do that right now.

Today, we stand, scratch our heads, and wonder: how did we forget we were brilliant and powerful stars? How did we forget we came from of the greatest conscious intelligence know, and yet it is relatively unknown. Maybe Lemuria has been ignored and maybe the descendants forgot who they are and from where they came? Maybe… we forgot because it's we let others do the thinking and holding our memories for us. So here's a thought: let's start remembering for ourselves, and maybe, just maybe, we'll find our way back to those starry nights on the perfect shores of Lemuria.

Written by Shara Gardner

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