Rhythm is an Ancient and Powerful Medicine
and it boosts your personal power wherever you are.

The Great Spirit loved the drum so much, she/he gave everyone a heartbeat. 

— Navajo saying

How often do you find yourself feeling like the universe is just piling it on, testing your zen with the relentless pressures of life?

Forget the standard fixes—pills, potions, and the dreaded treadmill of meditation that makes your mind wander to that embarrassing thing you said to someone. Instead, let's dive into the mystical, magical world of finding your personal rhythm. Trust me, this beats any healing retreat!

In the eye of life's hurricanes, the secret weapon is—wait for it—drumming. That's right, drumming. Not just any drumming, but the kind that taps into cosmic frequencies. This isn't about mastering the drums like you're aiming for a Grammy. It's about tapping into a primal, healing vibe with just a few simple beats. No need to be Ringo Starr; your drum is basically a mystical pharmacy, ready to dispense peace and power with each

Here's the scoop: the moment you start drumming, you will begin to activate ancient memories of your Lemurian Journey and other soul passages. You see, you're not just hitting a membrane stretched over a piece of wood. You're grounding yourself to Mother Earth, no matter if you're in a cubicle or your cozy den. Creating a beat helps recall memories and reveal the rhythm of of your life. Drumming is like brewing a potent, sacred potion known to our ancestors—oh yes... drumming is Earth's own heartbeat, and you're syncing up with the universe and Her memories.

Life itself sways to a rhythm, usually Earth's, but you can mix it up with your own beats to create a symphony of polyrhythmic harmony. This isn't just about sound—it's about freeing trapped energies, something Lemurians and all subsequent cultures around the globe have dialed into for eons. And here’s the kicker: you don’t even need a drum. Tap your desk, stomp the floor, or pat your belly. All you need to make rhythm is a little repetition. 

This isn't just spiritual mumbo-jumbo; it's about altering brain waves, transforming consciousness, and even promoting a healthier, longer life, all backed by science.

So the next time life feels overwhelming, remember: you have an entire drum kit at your fingertips, and the rhythm of the universe waiting to be played. Drum on and tune in to a healthier, more joyful you! You just might remember your musical life in Lemuria.

Written by Shara Gardner

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