Om Mani Padme Hum Blessing Coaster

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The most compassionate blessing in any language is Om Mani Padme Hum. Not only are the sounds of the words used for sound healing, but the meaning carries that vibration to the heart of the receiver or to ourselves. When we sing or say these words, we are sending a blessing of love out into the world. We also use this chant for purification. When we bless our water, we are sending that blessing through us where we can use it to heal and transform.

This coaster is available in glossy plastic laminate on a cork background. It is vivid and precious to look at with the OM symbol and the symbol of the Lotus - meaning, "from the sludge comes the flower." That is the jewel of the lotus. It always transforms life's challenges into beauty. Let the message and blessing on this coaster fill your heart with peace. 

OM - purification of the ego
MA - purification of jealousy or envy
NI - purification of passion
PAD - purification of ignorance
ME - purification of greed
HUM - purification of hatred