Water Magic

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Harness the Power of the Natural Force Found in the Ocean and Sea and the Secrets of Celtic Witchcraft and Scottish Magick (Elemental Magic)

Have you ever been curious about magic? Have you dreamed of being able to do magic with water?Have you ever felt an intuitive nudge to learn more about how to manifest your desires using water?

Then this book is for you. 
In this book, you will:

  • Learn how water magic works
  • Discover the various sacred entities and mythical creatures associated with water
  • Learn how to work with the energy of these divine beings
  • Discover the fascinating Scottish and Celtic lore surrounding water
  • Master the key elements you need to know to craft your own altar
  • Learn how to work with water for purification and blessing
  • Learn about the danger of not purifying yourself regularly with water
  • Discover the various kinds of magical waters and how to make them yourself
  • Learn more about the various kinds of water witches and how to figure out which one you are
  • Discover the power you can unleash to manifest your desires with just a glass of water
  • Master easy yet powerful spells and rituals to take your water magic practice to the next level
  • Learn about important herbs, colors, and gemstones to work into your rituals for extra fast manifestations
  • Learn how to consecrate water for magical work
  • Learn how to make holy water without needing to step foot in a church

With this book as a starting point, you will learn all you need to know about working with this powerful and abundant element. You will find yourself becoming adept at working with water and developing a strong connection with its mighty and sacred deities.