Silk Altar Scarf Mystic Blue

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These scarves are elegant, gorgeous, and represent water in a tactile sense as you allow the fabric to flow over your surface. The colors are rich and non-fade. This cloth is woven of 100% pure Mulberry Silk, using ecological kindness and sustainable methods. It is dyed with non-toxic pigments often derived from organic plant matter. The vibe you add to your altar is elevated by using a surface that reflects the true beauty of nature. Build your altar from the ground up. 21" x 21" is a perfect size for table top flat or draping arrangements. Float your scarf on the surface and let the waves and wrinkles become part of the beauty of your sacred space.

This Mystic Blue cloth symbolizes the depth of the world oceans, the deep stormy sky of transition, the wisdom of all knowing, and the rich, prosperity of deep blue waters and earth stones. Because of the colors in the variegated dye application, you get random pools of turquoise and royal or medium blue. 

Deep Blue is the color of the 6th Chakra, which is generally the activation color for psychic abilities within the lower 7 chakras. This coloration is also a power spectrum for all vocal expression and sound healing. The blue and turquoise together conjure energies of Luna and the spirit of her abundant power. Think of the largest creature on earth, the Blue Whale. It carries the resonance of all knowing, and this color palette does the same thing. Think of the whales when you use this scarf. It is the same vibration as the sacred blue giant. Use your scarf to honor yourself as the living image of the Divine Feminine, the Water Goddess, the Lemurian Goddess, the Moon Goddess, and High, Holy Grace. Let this color awaken your intuition and your senses as it opens your your 5th and 6th chakras to new expressions of higher dimensional knowing.