Ultimate Spirit Power Stones, Crystals & Seashells

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This richly endowed power set features a collection of sacred stones, crystals, and seashells. Along with an Aqua Blue Chalcedony tower for Lemurian connections, there are 7 of the most powerful energy stones for pocket or altar. It arrives in a deep blue velvet pouch for safe keeping. The ocean, rivers, rain, and snow have tumbled and smoothed these precious items for thousands of years. That's a long time to be influenced by the magic and mystery of water. All stones are additionally polished to give the feeling of wet surfaces. This is because they work well with the energy in our hands as we hold them and put them in our pockets. All are priced individually and in bundles or this particular collection. The cost includes the higher postage costs now. Rocks are not able to go through regular mail sorting machines, so on average, each package will cost $3.50-$5.00 to mail. Consider that when looking at price only.

We have selectively included the specimens we think work best with The Spirit of Water in creating journeys, meditations and sacred water healing practices. Find a Water Blessing Collection you like, and pick out a crystal or stone that matches your energy.  Let the words, prayers, rocks and shells hold your blessings and offer its deep healing. You will find our beautiful collections here: CRYSTALS-STONES-SHELLS This collection shown is available as a full set.

You get:
Aqua Chalcedony Tower
Blue Apatite
Kambaba Jasper
Tiger's Eye
Black Tourmaline
Lapis Lazuli
Cowrie Shell
Olive Shell
Auger Shell
Scallop Shell