Aphrodite Bliss

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The passionate power of Aphrodite is always with you. It is perfectly natural for females to feel Her energy strongly because we are gifted with natural divine creation abilities. Her Sacred Muse in our muse who shows us how to seek direction, stimulation, and initiation. Aphrodite shows us how to find bless in all we do. If we are brace, our raw passion moves us through time and space ready for new experiences. We summon the power of Divine Creation to enter our body, mind, and soul. We create beauty and we create life. And when we are ready, Aphrodite takes us to higher states of bliss as we express through feminine wisdom and magic.

Peel off the words you wish to put on your water bottle or container. The sheet also includes an Aphrodite Sigil created by Jasna Pecaric, an originator of this collection. You also get two strips of border art to use on your container as embellishment as you desire. This collection is abundant with 18 word blessings and 3 art pieces. In addition, if you carefully cut on the lines between the blessings printed on the backer card, you will have an oracle deck of 18 small pull cards to use for daily readings. 

Aphrodite Bliss is a powerful energy that imparts, wild passion, heightened creativity, and excitement in all ways. Using this collection reveals the same qualities in your life.