Angel Blessings

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Angel Blessings

Over half the world believes in angels as helpers and healers. They are the right hand of God coming close to us as we struggle through our lives. This is not a metaphysical belief but a deeply-held spiritual understanding, and they are two different things. Those who are true believers swear that angels are all around us and ready to help when we ask. This is the basis for spirituality — things we feel and know through our hearts and senses. Faith is the key. It is created by a deep sense of love and trust combined. Place Angel Blessings on your water bottle or drinking glass. Each time you see a word, the power of your intention and prayer is renewed, and your wishes are heard by the Angelic Presence. This label collection was inspired by a visit to an angel store. While there, strong messages urged us to create this divine collection of simple, yet profound, blessing words. We believe the Angels who live in the store actually guided the full production from start to finish including the drawing on the package.

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Customer Testimonials

“I never paid attention to the presence of angels before, but now, with the pandemic, I ask my angels to surround me and those I love. It strengthens me and makes me more courageous to believe there is something divine that has my back.”
Lenetta B., Lansing, MI


“Thank you for trusting me to test your new collection. I have been very pleased with these powerful ideas, and will continue to use them daily."
Marcia S., Portland, OR

"When my friend shared her water blessings with me one day at work, I felt an immediate rise in my awareness of all good things around. "
Mara T., Vancouver, WA

"I bought 10 of these and gave them to people from my bible study group. I thought I might be introducing something a little edgy and too much new age to the group, but they all loved them immediately. "
Celine W., Billings,  MT

"I got them as a gift. So comforting in times of confusion."
Bethany R., Austin, TX