Angel's Watch

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Angel's Watch is a collection of gentle words of wisdom that were 100% inspired by preemie mothers who typically spend long hours in the NICU waiting and worrying about their tiny babies who struggle to live –  but also for mothers of older sick or injured children who wait while their children suffer through healing challenges. I first understood this when a friend’s baby was born a preemie. You can read about it, but until you understand a Mother’s divine love in praying for the survival of her child, you will never know the driving force that keeps her going. Angel's Watch blessing labels bring a boost of strength to all those mothers, families, and caregivers who give selflessly to help their beloved child  heal. They could also be used by those who give their time and attention to any others who need healing support and care, young or old. Words so gentle, they bring an angelic presence – An Angel's Watch –  to surround those who care and give so much.