Buddha Nature

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Choose black ink for light or clear bottles or dove grey for darker water bottles

This rich wisdom tradition brings about a high life expression and the fastest way to achieve ultimate contentment.

These water Blessing words represent states of achievement and paths toward inner wholeness. Even if you don’t follow a Buddhist path, there is truth and beauty in all traditions as they work together for ultimate release of suffering.

These words can be used with any form of higher awareness as Buddhist teachings address the inner life and not external religious deities. We all have the potential to live within the flow of our Buddha Nature.

"I breathe in these sacred blessings like holy, healing medicine."

Wendy Y., NSW, Australia

“This collection touches my heart. I love these Buddhist beliefs which are very common sense."
Carol D., Boise, Idaho

"I have them all around me on mirrors and windows. I am definitely changing my life."
Mara L., Austin, TX