Lemurian Journey - Rejuvenate

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There are five stages of reconnection with Lemurian consciousness and advanced spirituality. This collection features Water Blessings that encourage us to rejuvenate our body-mind-spirit and bring back extraordinary physical abilities in the process. We do this by accessing deep memories of our Lemurian Motherland, Mu, a place that exists now in the mind and heart, but once existed as terra firma. Lemurians are very conscious of the environment and the highest vibrations of all earth-based beings. In order to travel into higher dimensions we must use our love of earth as a foundation for transformation. This rejuvenating process is the 3rd Pillar of Consciousness used with the Lemurian Journey Board and Game system. Lemuria is a dream that remains in our hearts and our visions, and yet, when a person explores themselves, they often learn they were part of the Lemurian lineage all along. Use these words to help you through a deep process of healing and reviving all powers including the reconnection to all earth inhabitants.  See the other Lemurian Inspirational Labels for advancement through the five stages: Reveal, Remember, Rejuvenate, Resonate, and Reclaim.

We also offer a special aromatic blend of 10 organic herbs to relax the mind and heighten memories during shamanic journeys or meditations.