Waves of Success

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"My life changed instantly when I began using these blessings on my water bottle. Honestly, things just started working better. Life got easier, and I realized I was happier. I have tried many of my own blessing collections, but this one using success word is a powerhouse.”

Shara Gardner, creator of The Spirit of Water

For those who wish to transform their lives, the blessings in this collection offer a deeper reach into our hearts and minds. This collection gives special meaning to those who wish to begin a new chapter, start something new, or reach higher.

Embrace your dream and see it as a giant wave of energy, rolling, building, rising higher, and moving swiftly to shore where we are ready to receive those abundant blessings.

Be fearless in seeking the truth and let it be the power that clears the path for your wave to roar on through! Your power lies in your ability to dream. Reach fearlessly into the unknown. See the opportunities that rise up to meet us. We definitely learn from the obstacles that teach us, but we also transform our consciousness higher.  We already have what it takes to make our dreams become our reality.