Chakra Vision Board and Radiant Love Color Journey

Radiant Love Chakra Journey

This set includes:
• 8.5 x 8.5” Folding Color Vision Board
• 2 Packages of Silver Ink Radiant Love Water Blessing Words & Symbols
• 8 Chakra Spell Candles and holders
• 32-Page Radiant Love Chakra Guide Booklet
• Chakra Orgone Energy Generator Pendant
• Copper Energy Receiving Bowl
• 12 Chakra Oracle & Divination Cards
• 24 Affirmation & Contemplation Cards
• 8 Natural Chakra Stones
• Crystal Pendulum
• Optical Glass Rainbow Prism Cube
• 8 Chakra Color Diamonds
• Wooden Totem Game Piece
• Magnifying Dot Place Marker

$75 value for just $48.00 

This is a game, an oracle system, an altar all by itself, and an amazing tool for transformation using the brilliance of sacred color and Chakra influences. If you thought you knew all about Chakras, you have an opportunity to do a mind journey through new and expanded knowledge about these energy centers that are thought to be synonymous with 12 layers of DNA and the receivers of cosmic messages for our cellular wellness.  Begin your new Chakra Awakening Journey through the dynamic color of the galactic Chakra influences and the practices revealed in the 32-page Radiant Love Chakra Guide Booklet and the oracle cards. Learn to feel the energy of the natural stones as they resonate to your chakras. Let your pendulum and dice tell you where to begin your explorations each time. Work with the sacred geometry of the Chakra symbols, and sense the   Power those symbols have in boosting you to other world awareness.