Copper Offering Bowl

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These 3" copper bowls are machine made in Nepal. They are the perfect element for any altar for offerings that might be water, crystals, shells, stones, herbs, feathers, or other gifts from nature. Put sand in the bottom to burn incense. Use a tea light inside. These bowls are versatile and attractive anywhere. I used them for prosperity kits and meditation altar sets. Use your bowl for Reiki, witch's rituals, healing practices, or the creation of magic.

Copper is a magical metal associated with both the Heart and Sacral Chakra, and deeply connected to water. Your offering bowl assists you in grounding properties that are quite different from any other gemstones or minerals. Copper is a natural energy conductor and will help to stimulate energy flow, amplify your thoughts, and is also great for helping with arthritic pain.

Use 7 bowls in a lineup on an altar for traditional Buddhist Meditation Rituals, or as many as you want in any configuration. We sell the full set of 7 or individually. You can use them in your own original ways at a price that is less than Amazon.