Water Blessings Affirmation Card Deck

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Water is very sacred and it carries all the codes for life on the planet. Each person is an Aquarian water bearer of this age. It is our imperative to recognize our own potential to influence all energy. Nothing is more powerful than working with the energy of water. These cards encourage the user to choose better feelings and emotions that can guide us to a more conscious perspective and positive influence on body, mind, and spirit. 

The deck is made up of one stunning hand painted image featuring a water goddess seated where the river meets the turquoise sea. The artwork is divided into 40 cards labeled 1-40. You will complete the puzzle intuitively with the images or with the numbers facing up by laying the cards out in order. Then you will turn the cards over to reveal the full picture. The images on each of the cards are symbolic and work on their own when viewed separately from the full picture.

Choose cards as personally guided, either from the full picture or simply by drawing from the shuffled deck.