Sacred Feminine Power

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Sacred Feminine Power is a theme that uses straight-forward  power words to move energy in a rapid way. The 16 blessings are "shift words" that really describe who you are or wish to become. They represent important aspects of a woman’s powerful existence, which is sometimes emotionally expressed and sometimes mentally expressed. The balance of head and heart is what makes all beings empowered. Using these words on your water will remind you that this powerful resonance is defining what it means to be an authentic being on your own terms. 

Sacred Feminine Power benefits those who are moving outside roles that have kept them small but are now ready to become more of themselves. Step into the power source you were meant to radiate and live with the blessings of heightened awareness provided here. 

This collection was inherited from the now discontinued collections of Pearls of Wisdom.  The originators granted usage rights to The Spirit of Water and we gave it a new package design but kept the original intended creation intact.