Vintage Cobalt Blue Glass Tea Light Holder

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These are not ordinary tea light cups. They have a history. 

From 1867-2011 they were produced for church altars throughout the US and abroad but were never sold to the general public. Some say the blue glow helped worshippers to get into a prayerful state. Others believe the blue glow was instrumental in transporting priests and healers into a more psychic/spiritual trance of compassion and loving, in which to deliver their messages of compassion. These tea light holders will impart that same magic glow for you.

These beautiful deep blue glass candle holders create a stunning mystical glow on any surface, dining table, living room, or patio. They are especially magnificent for ocean lovers who want to use them for their deep sea altars. The intense blue color opens the mind to deep compassion, love, and tranquility. It is hard to find real cobalt these days, and the difference is so obvious. Fake blue glass often sold as cobalt glows a blue/purple while the real cobalt glass glows intense blue. Some glass is actually painted and baked, and that glow is also a purple blue. 

We acquired the last of these beautiful glass tea light cups in a liquidation train car sale. Once these are gone, there will be no more produced using actual authentic cobalt. This is the real thing... pure cobalt glass, not painted and baked.

Use our tea light cups anywhere you want to experience the beauty of the deep blue sea and the aura of historic spiritual worship and enlightenment. They inspire high, open spirituality and deep, deep blue love.

Each comes with an unscented soy tea light candle.