Lemurian Meditation Pillow with Hidden Crystal Pocket

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This custom created meditation eye pillow applies just enough gentle pressure on closed eyes to help the user get in touch with their inner sight. A hidden secret pocket at the center top of the pillow holds small crystals and stones on the forehead in the area of the 6th Chakra, The Third Eye. You can also add a small pouch of aromatic herbs or an essential oil diffuser.

The soft inner lining on the mask comforts the face and brow with its warm acceptance. 

This pillow is not a sleeping mask. It is intended to be used for meditations relaxation, and  mind exploration. Use the ear loops to secure if needed. Otherwise, lie down and balance the mask carefully over the brow, bridge of the nose and cheek bones. Make a mental and psychic connection to the soothing movement of ocean waves, moving in and out, gently feeling the flow of life. Feel the energy imparted by your Third Eye inclusions in the hidden pocket. Ask your questions, and drift away. Your inner spirits will give you answers. Water is your teacher and healer. Let it speak to you through your mind. Let this mask take you to other worlds.