Lemurian Journey - Remember Blessings

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There are five stages of reconnection with Lemurian consciousness and advanced spirituality. This collection features Water Blessings that encourage us to remember our soul lineage by reviewing our deep memories of our Lemurian Motherland, Mu, a place that exists now in the mind and heart, but once existed as terra firma. This remembering process is the 2nd Pillar of Consciousness used with the Lemurian Journey Board and Game system. Lemuria is a mythological place that is in our hearts and our visions, and yet, when a person explores themselves, they learn they had Lemurian lineage all along. This collection of words help us to remember our ancestors, our Akashic records, and all the important experiences that have contributed to our soul progression. See the other Lemurian Inspirational Labels for advancement through the five stages: Reveal, Remember, Rejuvenate, Resonate, and Reclaim.

We also offer a special aromatic blend of 10 organic herbs to relax the mind and heighten memories during shamanic journeys or meditations.