Water Peace Tiny Altar

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This tiny wonder will transport you into the deep peace of water and its soothing, mind expanding properties. In addition to the beautiful watercolor graphics throughout, a Sensory Mojo  Bottle allows your mind to stop, immerse, and learn from the stillness inside. It features tiny shells, real sea glass (mermaid's tears), and other sea experiences. Your kit comes with a spell candle to transform your energy, a tiny quartz crystal pyramid, and 4 tiny Lemurian Seed Crystals to open your Akashic memories. A compass helps you position your altar in the West, one of the 4 sacred directions. Turn and face west while you meditate using the Amethyst Mala, which is created of 6mm tiny beads, but features the full 108 with a silk tassel. This kit is a pure joy for the senses, and makes a wonderful gift for someone you love.