Ocean Spirit Mystery Box

The sounds of the sea and the power of the tides await you in this precious gift box.

Come, meet the Sea with the beloved items in this box. Imagine floating on the subtle power of water. Experience the movement of waves, and the spindrift salt spray. Live the delight of a beachcomber finding treasures onshore. Think of a mermaid’s undersea lair. All those feelings are present in this mystical box. What will destiny leave for you?

Our new Ocean Spirit Mystery Box includes mystical altar objects; water oracle cards, crystals that will connect your soul to water, totem charms and  trinkets that will remind you of your inner child. Adornments and jewels to enhance your presence and attract pure living energy. Your intuition will grow. Inspiration will flow. Integrate the infinite wisdom of the sea with the practical magic of inspired water wisdom.

The Ocean Spirit calls to you... come to the edge and experience both worlds. This adventure mystery box features items valued at $50 or more, but costs only $29.95 plus shipping. (about $5.00 First Class USPS).

Inside you will receive a random selection of these intriguing items:
• Spirit Charged Crystal Pendulum
• Small Oracle Cards
• Seashells or Natural Ocean Treasures
• Water Spirit Sensory Bottle
• Goddess or Angelic Figurine
• Charms and Mystical Trinkets
• Pocket Stones
• Mojo Bag or Spirit Pouch
• A 6mm Crystal Bead Mala (108 bead strand)
• Energy Adornments
• Cobalt Blue Altar Candle/Tealight 
• Altar Scrying Mirror 
• Twinkle Lights
• Herbal Meditation Blend

Treat yourself to the nurturing power of the sea, the salt spray, and the sound of the pounding waves as you meditate in harmony with water.