Money Bags Prosperity Kit

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Begin attracting what you want. Money is a fluid commodity. While it might seem scarce to you, in an instant it can just easily flow into your life. One of the greatest truths is that we sometimes block our own money stream by mis-aligned thoughts. Let's fix that for 2022. The universe is abundant and we are ready to receive what we need and want. Use this kit for ritual or ceremony. Symbols are extremely powerful as are words. Use this kit along with Water Blessing Labels on your "Money Bottle" and watch how easily manifestation comes. It might be pennies at first, but then the flow starts to become apparent. Start your attraction right this year. Begin with gratitude and expand from there. You are a gifted manifester. Now, just focus on what you wish to bring into your life. 

Your kit includes:

• Copper Offering Bowl - 3" x 2" - Use it for water, coins, flowers, etc.
• 10 Dark Green Coin Envelopes for Feng Shui money treatments
• 10 Golden Chinese Coins for good luck, money attraction
• Green Money Journal -124 pages to use for attraction and money thoughts
• 4" Green Spell Candles (3) + Ceramic Gold Holder
• ¾" to 1" Aventurine Crystal for Money Attraction
•¾" to  1" Citrine Crystal for Manifestation Power
 1/2 Dram Prosperity Essential Oil Blend, ancient mystic blend
• Tiny Asian Carpet to represent wealth
• 10 ea. Fake $100 bills to represent seed money for your dreams.
• Attraction Pendant, Orgone
• Metatron Prosperity Gazing Card & Violet Flame Imprnting Card (2 sides)
Cashflow Mini Water Blessings with 6 important blessing labels
• 6" x 9" Dark Green Velvet Drawstring Bag to hold all your sacred altar items
• 10 pages of spells, chants, ritual, affirmations, and blessings to attract money

The handout is for attraction suggestions in developing your new money consciousness. If items are sold separately, the retail cost would be nearly $65.00, plus shipping on each item.

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