Witch’s Pyramid Kit Tiny Altar

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Practitioners of the witchy arts follow a traditional secret pyramid of self-inquiry before casting spells or doing any magic workings. This kit comes in a tin 3.75” x 2.25” and fits easily into a pocket or purse. Create an altar wherever you go. You will have everything you need to set up your ceremony or ritual before you begin your spell work. Your kit includes:

• 7 Pyramid Cards each explaining an inquiry point for ritual work
• 5 Crystals or Stones for the raising of personal power including selenite for purification
• 5 Seashells to integrate the power of water
• 5 Charms representing important sacred objects to place on your grid
• A soy-based tea light candle and non-toxic matches
• A card stand
• A small Brass Bell for ceremonial processes


As a Bonus Gift:

All Tiny Altars come with 4-6 randomly chosen Water Blessing Labels to extend your Sacred Practice to your drinking water.