Fifth Chakra Opening Set

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Open your voice and feel what it is like to be heard, understood, and express yourself without limits. You were meant to communicate and sing. Actually singing and sound opens the 5th Chakra to higher realms so you get a better view of your spiritual purpose.

This set includes:
• 16-page Booklet, a  study of the 5th Chakra
• Sound Blessings, a collection of water blessings
• 5th Chakra Coaster (4" dia.) to charge your water
• Amazonite & Lapis Lazuli 

You won't find a set like this elsewhere else. Written simply and logically, the booklet and this system will help incorporate physical, metaphysical, and spiritual insights about your Throat Chakra and the role it plays in your unfolding journey, like creativity, communication, passion, and purpose.