Rune Blessings

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Do you need to solve a problem or have to make a decision? Do you wish to know your next step? Do you need help to predict the consequences of your actions? Runes will help you to look into your present and future possibilities by providing deep meaning through the glyphs you select to determine an answer. 

The original meaning of the word Rune is "secret, or something hidden." In ancient times, in early northern European cultures, they were used as magical oracles, or signs for divination. Originating in Viking cultures, according to verbal histories, (few, if any recorded information exists), their legends and theories are intriguing and carefully protected. And yet, the tradition of reading the Runes, doing Rune divination rituals, and using the Runes for healing has lived on and is used by millions today who “feel” the deep meanings as they use the symbols.

The practice of “throwing” the Rune Stones can be done in other ways now if you don’t have a physical set. Use a pendulum or your intuitive knowing to select a glyph to use. Let your subconscious mind guide you in asking for the symbols that best fit your needs.

Once you have received a clear indication, peel your Rune label off the sheet and place it on your water bottle or beverage glass. The energy of your Rune will change the frequency of your water and influence your subconscious knowing. With one or more Runes in place, you will be drinking water with the most powerful energy carried by esoteric wisdom, psychic knowing,  and your clear intentions. When you are ready for a new reading, place the Rune labels back on the carrier sheet and select another.