Shamanic Glass Arrowheads for Sharp Psychic Focus

Used as a symbol for Shamanic Journeywork, this aqua recycled glass specimen is a replica of early Mongolian spear and arrow points, which were later adopted hundreds of thousands of years ago by indigenous natives all over the world. It represents the strength of survival (hunting), the clarity of water (ocean), the will of intention, and the speed of manifestation. When a mystic or shaman journeys into other worlds, their intention is their strongest and greatest ally. It must always be sharp and single-focused. Journeyers become hunters of truth and expect their arrow point to lead them to their target. 

Keep your arrow point on your altar or in your medicine bag at all times but especially when you leave ordinary reality and move into one of the other worlds. Some shamans wire-wrap their point and wear it on a neck cord. You can also use it as a pendulum.

Comes in a small acrylic case for safe traveling. The recycled aqua glass arrowhead is authentically hand produced by the ancient flint-snap process used by our ancestors. Imported from artisans in India. This item is also featured in the Shamanic Manifestation Journey Kit.