Yoga Blissings

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The Path of Devotion leads to

the state of Divine Liberation Which is Pure Bliss

Yoga is a path of devotion. The Sanskrit word means to yoke and become one with God through a practice that includes meditation and some form of action. These symbols represent states of achievement and paths toward inner wholeness. They fun and expressive. Use them on your water bottle and remind yourself which path you are perfecting.

Our inspired decals will change your life in many ways. By placing these images and words where you can see them everyday, their influence will bring subtle changes to your awareness. When you place them on your water, the water molecules become an elixir that resonates with your path and helps to nourish your body, mind and spirit as you drink. And finally, as you consider each concept, you will find there is a much deeper ideal that will surface in each one. Feel its power, and breathe the message Spirit is communicating to you. Inside the package are inspirational cards explaining each one.