Water Lover

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Water is the lifeblood of the planet and we need it as much as we need air and food. It is also a mystical element and one that carries wisdom and cosmic intelligence – and yet most people only see it as something to use. This collection addresses some of the profound qualities of water that are largely overlooked. If you want to fall in love with life, falling in love with water is the place to begin.

Exposure to water cures depression, pain, and confusion. It soothes and comforts, as well as quenches our thirst figuratively and literally. Explore your feelings about water and watch an amazing transformation happen in body, mind & spirit. These blessings are deeply inspirational. When we consider that water is such a critical element in our lives it is hard not to cherish this mystical element and give it the status of the Sacred. There are mysteries we long to know. Science can't even figure out why it is here, where it came from, and how we can make more. For this reason, love and respect for water is our highest priority. This collection will raise consciousness on many levels, not just at the level of the splash, but also at the cellular levels where creation explodes and becomes a life-sustaining fluid for all beings.


Customer Testimonials

"This fits me. I am a water lover all the way through.”
Lanette B, Ventura, CA

"My eyes are wide open to new aspects of water. Thanks."
Karen M., Orlando, FL

"I just read about Blue Mind. Wow! This set really spells it out."
Susan N.,Portland, OR