Water Goddess Gifts

30% of the profits from all these gifts are given to clean water and clean ocean charities as well as women's interests and wellbeing.

    Bring the essence of blue and water into your life through these small gifts and the special Water Blessings that also support Water, Women, Goddesses worldwide. Having a Blue Mind is considered to be a very evolved state of consciousness. It has been shown through Neurological Science, our bodies function better, and our minds work best when we get near water, or see the color blue -- a symbol for water.  Or even just see pictures of water or blue. Amazing how our brains work to show us the way. "Wrap Yourself in Blue." You can't go wrong!

    The Water Goddess, featured in this gift selection is a combination of all female water lovers. She represents a state of emotional freedom for land-locked Goddesses who long to swim in other dimensions of consciousness. These women, maybe you, too (since you are here) long for the freedom of the sea. A gentle, yet fierce water spirit is alive in the hearts of many women who find themselves searching for a different reality but may not understand they are hopelessly influenced by the "Water Gene" they carry, and have no way to stop their search for the cosmic water connection. So here we are... bringing together some things that remind us of water, and oceans, and blue. It all works to soothe the longing of the wild water woman.