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Yemaya, Queen of the Sea, first emerged in Yoruba (now called Nigeria). She is a primordial deity, considered the mother of all. She has often been associated with the Virgin Mary which helped spread devotion throughout Latin America. She is beloved on all levels even if a practitioner is not part of any of those cultural wisdom traditions.

Some perceive Yamaha to be at the root of numerous ancient goddesses, including Isis. Her story tells of how she accompanied enslaved devotees to the Western Hemisphere, where her love and compassion took root and nourished the spirit of all who were forced to find new homes in strange lands. If you have ever been uprooted and re-inhabited into a new situation, you will benefit by calling on Yemaya. She is among the most beloved and prominent spirit within the traditions of Candomblé, Santeria, and other African diaspora traditions. You can explore Yemaya as mother, healer, lover, witch, warrior, and mermaid. She has many paths to higher spiritual wisdom, including her role as a guide to mythology and her compassion for the LGBQT community. 

First, and foremost, Yemaya is a true water goddess of great power. To aspire to her teachings and wisdom is to become your own version of the Queen of the Sea. 

Here is one other detail about Yemaya... sound healing. She is the sound of the surf, the tides, and the creatures who navigate through water. Many songs and musical renditions of healing music have been composed and used by sound healers who work with the healing energy of her voice as it filters into their own vocal range. As a sound healer for nearly 20 years, I can attest to the power of singing with Yemaya as my spirit guide. (Spoken by Shara).