"I love this Prosperity Kit!
It is abundance in a box!"

This is what one of our customers said about our new Money Bags Prosperity Kit. It comes with 14 sacred items, including 9 pages of ritual, ceremony, spells, and attraction practices to bring money into your life. Let's start 2022 with money to spare and share. Call in your abundance using this super-charged prosperity altar kit. You will attract money or prosperity, but also the other aspects of abundance that brings comfort and ease to our lives. Meditate, pray, chant, use I AM statements to affirm you are a wealth connoisseur.

Money Bags Prosperity Kit

"What about starting over?
How do I attract a new vision?"

No problem!!! Water Blessing Labels inspire subtle and easy changes in the energy field that will result in significant changes in life. Use the Law of Attraction and its principles to bring in all the opportunities you want for the new year. 

Transform your water into liquid prayers by placing sacred words and ideas where you can see them often... right on your water bottle or drinking glass.

Start 2022 right. Get ready to succeed, evolve, awaken, grow, transform... all these blessings represent the power of new beginnings in all ways.

Water Blessings will help jumpstart your new vision… or choose other themes from the menus at the top.


Below are a few Water Blessing Label theme packages to jumpstart your new year.