Use your pendulum in various ways using a pendulum board or your own set of cues.

Ask ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ questions – Crystal pendulums are great tools if you have questions that can be answered with one word. Using a Pendulum Board helps the Pendulum to show you the answer without any confusion. Without a board, use an agreed-upon "swing" pattern i.e. In all cases, you must choose the pattern you most prefer, and stay with it so you and the pendulum have absolute communication.
Clockwise circle=YES
Counter clockwise circle=NO
Vertical swing=YES
Horizontal swing=NO.

Healing Work – Hold a pendulum over the body aura and gently move it above various places. Ask for the pendulum to indicate when it comes across energy that requires attention. This might appear as a bouncing pendulum, a swinging motion, or stillness with a vibration. When a condition is located, the pendulum can then be used to release negative, stagnant or blocked energy within the aura. Send your healing energy through your hand, into the stone and let it act as a "charger."

Chakra Balance - Check to find out if your chakras are in balance. Hold the pendulum over (or next to) the chakra region. Ask if that area needs balancing. The pendulum can then be used to cleanse, activate and align the chakras using the "charging method" mentioned above.

Locating missing objects – Your crystal pendulum will help you locate items by indicating its ‘Yes’ pattern when you come close to the item. For items lost in larger settings, use a Pendulum Board to help spell out the location. or wait until you get the answer in your conscious mind. Your pendulum will send the message in many ways to get your attention, so pay attention!