There is no dispute that frozen water forms crystalline shapes, but did you know that water can perform some of the same functions as a quartz crystal? It is generally understood that crystals have the ability to receive radio signals. Water does, too.

Since the late 1960s crystals have been a hot item in metaphysical circles. Stores sprang up selling crystals of all types, crystal and gemstone books were published, celebrities made a number of pronouncements about the near-miraculous properties of gems and stones. People often thought that to change their lives they only needed to clutch a crystal. Now we know positively that crystals have been recognized as a healing tool and are accepted as standard tools for transformation in vibrational medicine, but there is more to the process than carrying a crystal in your pocket. Crystals are a living matrix of fibers that conduct electricity or energy. Remember, however, a thought is energy, too. 

In recent years, the change in perspectives about crystals generally reflects a maturity or evolving intelligence about our miraculous world. Crystals are as much a living entity as anything else on our planet, including dirt and rocks - elements most people believe have no life. As our consciousness expands to include new ideas, we are beginning to register energy in all elements on Earth and see new functions and characteristics in all our elements, not the least of which is water.

With over 80% of the earth covered in water, I think it is fair to say that water is the Earth's largest crystal and through its vibratory influences, it is responsible for giving birth to life over 3.9 million years ago and continues to do so today in many forms, solid, liquid and vapor.