Reiki Salt Heart for Rapid Healing & Therapy

Himalyan Salt Heart - Handcrafted in Nepal

Choose 4" or 2" size

These artisan salt stones are carved out of a slab of 100% Himalayan Salt left after the oceans dried up hundreds of thousands of years ago in that region of the world. Inside ancient salt caves, this mineral-rich sacred salt is mined for health and healing properties and is used by massage therapists, reiki practitioners, and other body workers for its ability to promote rapid healing.

We purchased a large amount of these salt hearts over 20 years ago, before most people even knew about their power. Since then, the use of heated salt placed for healing has become a very popular Reiki practice. Our salt hearts are hand carved, not formed, and definitely taken from select caves in Nepal, not cultivated in laboratories. Place it on your altar and handle it when you are feeling incomplete. The mineral energy goes directly into the body as you touch it to your skin or breathe its aerosol. Place it into the microwave for 1 minute and then put it back on your altar in a special dish. It releases a therapeutic vapor while you meditate, pray, or contemplate. Breathe deeply. The minerals fill your space with positive healing energy. Use the small size in the palm of your hands for prayer or meditation.

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