Angel Blessing Gift Set

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Angel Blessing Gift Sets make perfect gifts

Who doesn't love angels? This gift is a joy to receive as it covers all important prayers and angelic messengers. The Water Blessings help transform water into liquid prayers and ask for angelic assistance. The Water Angel is a beautiful carved opaline glass stone that feels good in the hand and can either stand on an altar or be placed in the pocket like a rubbing stone. An Angel Wing Charm is ready to put on a neck chain or key ring for 'fluttering wishes.' The Pewter Angel Coin has a message on the back side:

"Guardian Angel protect us all
giving strength when we might fall.
Watching, guiding, lighting the way
thru the night and every day."

"I carry my opal angel in my pocket everyday. I feel a sense of Her presence radiating all the time."

Mary O., Martinez, CA

"I got this set as a hostess gift. It is such a gentle way to express simple, deep feelings."
Melissa L., Denver, CO

"This set was given to me when my mother passed. I carry her precious angel spirit with me always."
Megan B., Atlanta, GA

"I am an angel lover. This fits me to a Tee."
Susan V., Sedona, AZ

"I received this set for my birthday. What a pure delight."
Lila M., Ft. Collins, CO

I am very happy with this set. The blessings help me with my daily prayers and intentions. The angel is a powerful pocket amulet to focus my mind. And I keep the angel coin in my purse at all times. It feels like the energy of abundance is with me.” 
Linda S., Orlando, FL