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Color: Clear

Bottle Wrap

Any bottle can display static cling blessing labels, inspiration decals or other static cling stickers – even when the surface is brushed, bumpy, or soft silicone. When you wrap the transparent Bottle Wrap around the container, it overlaps and attaches to itself, leaving a 1 ½” smooth surface to display your most important messages. So easy to transfer your water messages from one bottle to another, too. Crystal clear static cling is reusable forever or can be recycled with other plastics.

Now Available in Clear or White Static Cling

The photos shows words on the Bottle Wrap, but that is just as an example of how to use it. The strips come perfectly blank so you can place your own messages as you wish. 

On the clear Bottle Wraps, you can place the Blessing Labels under the wrap, or on top.


Customer Testimonials

"Such a simple brilliant idea!”
Bobbie K, Scottsdale, AZ

"I used 2 to get all the way around my water jug.”
Lyla S., Williams, OR

"This sure solves the problem of my stainless steel water bottle.”
Susan G., Vancouver, WA