Chakra Terahertz Bracelet

This Stretch Bracelet is made with Terahertz beads and chakra colored glass beads along with some natural stone beads. These incidental colored beads are for decoration and color relevance to the Chakra system, but not necessarily used as power generators for the chakras. However, Terahertz, on its own is a powerhouse of radiant energies and stimulates the entire chakra ladder. Terahertz, in fact, is a human-made stone substance that boost the strength and frequency of anything it is combined with.

What is Terahertz
Terahertz was first synthesized by Japanese scientists. It is made up of silica and is formed by extracting quartz or silica from grains of sand. Some frequencies in the terahertz (THz) range correspond to collective vibrations of biological molecules such as DNA and proteins. Those frequencies are considered to be boosters for healing and wellness. It is also the frequency of the hydrogen bonding network of water which makes up 70% of body weight. Terahertz crystal  was created to protect humans from harmful electromagnetic radiation. But also to provide a boosted energy of cohesion. Wearing Terahertz brings mild and normalizing earth frequencies to the tissues and organs of the body.

Terahertz Stone Metaphysical Properties
Terahertz stone is believed to have the power to resonate with the frequency of your mind and body. This promotes the ability to stimulate your brain cells and balance the functioning of the left and right sides of the brain for a harmonious relation. The stone is said to bring new ideas and stir your creative side. This can bring new inventions and innovations into your life. Terahertz is also believed to have immense powers when it comes to manifestation. Working with the stone can help you manifest your deepest thoughts and desires. It clears the brain of heavy and negative thoughts and allows a free flow of mental resources.

This man-made crystal can also help you in understanding yourself and your true wishes. When you have your chosen path in your mind, it will make you more confident and you will be able to take steps in the right direction. 

Terahertz Chakra & Healing Properties
Terahertz is associated with the root chakra. The root chakra, or base chakra, is located at the base of the spine and is responsible for stability and grounding. If your root chakra is out of balance, it is likely that you will find it hard to stick to resolutions and will feel lost. Terahertz can bring balance to the root chakra and stimulate the top chakras as well. This brings strength, stamina, and the power to achieve whatever you desire.

Terahertz, with its strong vibrations, is known for its physical healing properties. The stone is immensely beneficial for the circulatory system because it may improve circulation and eliminate blood clots, too. Vibration is associated with warmth, and this is another benefit of terahertz. The crystal is said to prevent and aid in recovery from hypothermia. When the body is warm, it will function better in all aspects. 

A unique property associated with this stone is its ability to protect the wearer from electromagnetic rays and other harmful radiations. The immune system can also benefit from the stone.  

Terahertz Emotional Healing Properties
Terahertz is believed to have a cleansing and calming effect on emotional health. You will be able to stay calm as you delve more deeply into your thoughts and emotions. This means that you will not be controlled by negative emotions and will likely feel less overwhelmed. The vibrations of the stone are known to break cycles of repetitive and vicious thoughts, bringing in positive vibes and emotions. Suppressed feelings may arise, but you will find within you the strength to face them and put them away for good. 

Manifestation Benefits
The terahertz crystal is considered valuable when it comes to wealth and money. The stone is believed to stabilize you financially and help you prosper. The crystal can also play a role in relationships, romantic or otherwise. It makes you sensitive to the needs of other people and can hence pave the way for finding solutions to problems there might be in the relationship. 

Terahertz is said to be a protector from negative thoughts and energies. This can aid people who suffer from insomnia and may even help with anxiety and depression.