Seashell Spoon Sets of 5

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Sold in multiples of 5 to use for your kits and gifts sets. This golden demitasse spoon was part of a set that included a 3 oz. jar of  blended  herbs for meditation and psychic openings. The recipe was a gift passed down from my great aunt, a mystic. I sold hundreds of those jars, but now I have discontinued the product since I can no longer get all organic herbs. I am left with 20+ spoons and I would rather offer them to others for kits, gifts, and art projects than let them sit on a shelf in a dark warehouse. Sample jar of herbs is not included. Just showing how I used the spoons. When using magic herbs it is not wise to touch them with fingers as body oils can contaminate the entire supply. But, if you spoon out a little scoop into a small dish and then pinch a small amount between thumb and index finger the pinch releases the aroma, and the energy will enter your body and into the space, allowing the magic to work. Hence, using the spoon was an important part of the ritual for this gift.