Divine Feminine

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In solidarity with the Moon and all her cycles, we are Divine Sister Goddesses shining our light on humanity. Now is the time to rise higher, do our shadow work, aspire to the greater concepts of Divinity, and awaken into our most remarkable feminine selves. We are ready to see each other and be seen in our greatest honesty, our truest authenticity, to listen and be heard. We have gifts that are needed in the world. When we honor them, we shift disempowering cultural programmings of comparison and scarcity and open ourselves up to the empowering universal trusts of acceptance, abundance and celebration. We are here to change the world.

Water blessings help remind us we are powerful and gentle at the same time. We have gifts that need to shine -- must shine. Blessings work beneath the surface where the waters are dark and mysterious, changing our thoughts and our self-appreciation so we can rise. When an individual rises in her awareness, she brings the whole world into the light.