Goddess Wisdom

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Although goddess worship can be traced back as far as the earliest civilizations the most recent uprising occurred after the counter-cultural revolutions  of the 1960s and ‘70s all over the world. In The United States, women began to claim their goddess power and began to make a stronger presence in the patriarchal civilization.  During those uprising years, it was discovered that most women were dissatisfied with the portrayal of masculine presence in power, governance, and religion. It was then that women began to search for their ancestral "secret wisdom," of Creation and realized that God was both genders in equal balance.

Goddess characteristics are most often depicted by the sacred trinity of maiden, mother, and crone -- the three stages of womanhood.  Women began openly worshipping nature and all things natural. Today, women enjoy their connection to life and invite beliefs and characteristics that enhance their lives at all stages. They find  abundant ways to celebrate femininity through dance, song, and art. In celebration it is easier to tolerate the fact that there is still plenty of resistance to women's equality. Women persist in moving toward a balanced planet. Use these blessings for a stronger connection to your powerful inner life with the Goddess as your deity. These phrases will influence great and powerful beliefs and behaviors in subtle and feminine ways.