Health Blessings Kit Tiny Altar

This Tiny Altar™ is a blessing to carry in pocket or purse. The resonance of good health goes with you everywhere. Set up your altar on a desk or window sill, car, or in nature. The energy you generate using the components in this kit helps transform dis-ease into harmony using spiritual elements and totems. Generate the frequency of healing and personal wellness you wish to radiate in your life. The Health Blessings Kit makes a cherished gift for anyone, but especially for the personal healing journey you might be embracing.

Your kit comes with:

Clear Quartz or Smoky Quartz Pendulum
• Flower of Life Healing Ring
• Candle and Matches
• Dissolving Rice Paper Blessing strips and Cedar Pencil
• Silver Scrying Mirror
• Healing Essential Oil
• Wooden Totem Healing Doll
• Healing Energy Water Blessing Labels
• Amazonite, Selenite, and Lapis Lazuli Stones
• Seashell Totem