I AM Coaster

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The I AM Message radiates cosmic consciousness and increased personal power by opening a neural pathway to unlimited thinking and achievement. Using the energy generated by the sun through the 3rd Chakra, (Solar Plexus), the I AM message rests in an open heart and mind, ready to activate new thought and behavior. Whatever words follow I AM are the most powerful words in consciousness. Use this phrase mindfully so as to eliminate conditions you do not wish to experience. Always use positive statements for higher manifestation. This mandala represents the sun, the Third Chakra, and the Sri Yantra, divine sacred geometry representing the Sacred Masculine & Feminine.

Use your coaster to charge your beverages with extra power. You can also place it on your altar and meditate while gazing at the image. That sacred geometry is extremely powerful, incorporating the brilliant yellow solar glow.

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Customer Testimonials

“I was so shocked to see how many times I say I AM, and not in a good way. Thank you."
Gerri B., Alburquerque, NM

"I LOVE my coaster. I use it at work, and it always reminds me of my personal strength in dealing with tough situations."
Missy P., Seattle, WA