I AM Infinite Power

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I AM is a statement that transcends all dimensions. When you affirm I AM statements daily, your soul becomes totally identified with the truth of that statement at the very core of consciousness where all creation originates -  beyond limited human perception. This is the true origin of The Law of Attraction, and aligns you with the act of creation. When you declare yourself, “I AM,” cosmic law must identify you with that action or characteristic that follows the words. We take on whatever reality we declare for ourselves. This is powerful alchemy. Use it wisely. We have provided 8 statements of higher consciousness for manifesting the life you desire. Each one is deeply transformative.

Below is a mantra given to me by a spiritual master working with St. Germaine. I have used it daily for over 30 years.

I AM is much deeper than the human mind can understand, but if you would like more information about this concept visit this page:

Learn more about the Power of I AM

I AM Pass Along Card

Customer Testimonials

“This collection offers a glimpse of the power of personal creation."
Benita A., New South Wales, Australia

"I already feel powerful."
Lara M., Asheville, NC

"This feels like truth to me and I have memorized the I AM statement, 
saying it frequently when times seem difficult."
Sue B., Orlando, FL