Italian Glass Water Bottle

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This simple, elegant water bottle is sturdy and strong, and it is a perfect canvas for your water blessing words and other embellishments. The square/round design is easy to hold. These bottles are manufactured in Italy with careful attention to aesthetics. The opening has a comfortable mouth feel and the hinged lid is a convenient, leak proof closure.

We decorate our bottles and make them works of art so when they are placed on an altar, they appear as a precious object. Some people apply specific blessings to create a money bottle, or a healing, transformation, or self-growth bottle. If you make each side a particular theme, you can place it so you see the blessings for that focus. This is the beauty of this bottle. You actually have 4 sides to decorate. You can also use etching cream to make permanent designs or messages on these bottles. They take to the process quite well. 

These bottles can be sanitized in the dishwasher.