Kuan Yin Blessings

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Goddess of Compassionate Action

From the Buddhist and Hindu Traditions, the many-hued flavor of Compassion is often expressed through the softer wisdom of a woman. Kuan Yin. Also spelled, Qwan Yin, Guan Yin, and Kwan Yin. However you spell her name, she is a goddess who symbolizes the mythological re-emergence of the Divine Feminine, with all the strength and wisdom as her male counterpart. She surpasses pty, mercy, or sympathy, and is woven in the intense ability to relate to the flight of others as if it were our own, and taking action for the benefit of those who can't take action for themselves. While she is often depicted with the compassionate tears of the bodhisattva, she demonstrates fierce individualism, resistance to authority, and intention to nourish the whole world with love.

These blessing words are meant to impart a sense of Oneness. These are four of the most powerful and sensitive words in any language. Share these decals with full heart and send prayers out with a greater, more compassionate definition of Love, Gratitude, Peace, and Joy.

Customer Testimonials

"I understand about the stronger definitions of each word. I appreciate knowing two sides of the same reality."
Bethany G., Astoria, NY

"Kuan Yin has always opened my heart. Thank you for connecting her to fierce compassion,  a powerful attribute to go with her softer compassionate soul."

Leela M., Boulder, CO

"Thanks for explaining about the different ways of loving. It is a good reminder that love isn't always cozy but also powerful and strong. I have had to practice tough love with a son, and it is hard. I am putting these words everywhere to keep me awake."

Melissa C., Olympia, WA

"I appreciate that you have explored these words using other meanings and full blessings for the shadow lives we all experience, not just the sweet and soft." 

Glynnis B., Myrtle Beach, SC