Mermaid Magic Tiny Altar

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The legend of mermaids is beloved by all. Images of sea-loving women, swimming and playing free in the water is something that captures our most playful imaginations and it is a universal belief that mermaids exist in all oceans worldwide. We love that we can cast blessings to help us get into the mindset of these beautiful ocean creatures. The blessing words seem ordinary until you read how they are used to further the mystique of mermaid lore and culture that tickle our imaginations, boost our ability to shape-shift, and know how to think and act like a blessed sea-loving mermaid spirit. Gift Set includes, the Tiny Altar with a 6-card deck of oracle cards. Everything you see is included inside the tin.

Your Tin Includes:
• Silver Tin with Mermaid graphics inside and out.
• Ocean Blue Scrying Mirror
• A Tuft of Sea Silk
• A ¼ Dram Bottle of Mermaid Essential Oil
• Seashells, Sea Glass, Mermaid Magic Stones
• Tiny Dolphin and Whale Figures
• A Mermaid's Delight, sparkling charms
• A Tiny Altar Cloth for setting up your sanctuary tiny sanctuary

Order the Gift set and get a full set of Mermaid Spirit Water Blessing Labels.