Midnight Lace Bottle Wrap

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Midnight Lace is a playful, sensual water bottle embellishment that provides a unique approach to expressing your most passionate self. Whenever we embellish ourselves or our possessions, we add a distinctive identity that reveals our unique and personal identity signature, and lace is certainly one way women can express their true feminine nature.

Water bottles come in many designs, but they are mass marketed and often support garish and non-personal designs. Bottle Wraps allow you to add a lacy band of beauty and sensuality, plus change your mood with inspiring or sassy words to suit your emotions of the day. This lingerie-inspired collection of phrases and words creates a mood of sexiness and femininity as it transforms your plain water bottle.

Straight-sided drinking glasses or bottles are best for this wrap. Use one with a smooth surface.  For rough or matte finish surfaces, the wrap attaches to itself without a need to cling to the bottle. It measures 9" long, which is ample enough to overlap on the back of most drinking bottles.

For contoured containers, you can do some creative cutting to remove pie-shaped pieces from the band so the wrap will curve, but finding a better bottle might be the easiest way to use this wrap.  Once you have the wrap in place, apply your oval passion stickers to it, so you can change your feelings. So easy to transfer your water messages from one bottle to another, too. Crystal clear static cling is reusable forever or can be recycled with other plastics. 

INSIDE THE PACKAGE: Each word or phrase is described according to how it affects moods, wishes, or attracts those desires into your life. Without need for spirituality or religion, these words offer inspiration and new awareness.


The photos shows one word on the Bottle Wrap, but that is just as an example of how to use it. You can place any of the 12 decals in the framed area.

Customer Testimonials

"Such a simple brilliant idea!”
Leela R., Phoenix, AZ

"It looks great on my pink bottle. Good messages inside, too.”
Marrianne T., Seattle, WA

"My plain, ugly bottle became beautiful. Thanks.”
Susan N., Los Angeles, CA

"Really sexy. I love this! No more athletic looking water bottle."
Stacy K., Ft. Meyers, FL

"I used mine on my work coffee mug like your photo. So many people stop and look."
Bernita M., Denver, CO