Moon Garden Tiny Altar

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This delightful little tin holds the promise of moonlight beauty and midnight fragrance to enhance your dreaming. It comes with 5 seed packets of precious night bloomers, all of which are known to offer the best perfume any garden could grow. You will receive Moonflowers, Phlox, Jasmine, Four O'Clocks, and Catchfly. These are traditional garden favorites that have been rewarding moon lovers for centuries. This kit was originally produced by a very special woman who loved her night garden so much, she spent many waking hours after dark enjoying the late night blooming time. She passed earlier this year, and I am honoring her memory by recreating her wonderful kit. She is my sister, a devoted nurse for 50 years and the most magical moon-lover I ever knew. She wrote the flower poetry on each of the seed cards. I honor her legacy by making this kit available.

Use this little flower kit to plant a sweet Moon Garden in a favorite spot. Some gardeners plant these flowers near their bedroom window so they can partake of the sweet fragrance throughout the night. Sow seeds in the spring, and enjoy through the fall. Give this kit as a gift to very special moon lovers. Great for planting in-ground or container gardens. All seeds are guaranteed to germinate. Just put your love into your garden. Store the seeds in a cool dry place until you are ready to plant.

The Genuine Moonstone Chips can be scattered in the garden to catch the moonlight with their chatoyance. The clear faceted crystalline sparkles can also be scattered to reflect moonbeams. Tiny plant stakes help you identify your germinating seeds.